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How much will it cost to clean my home, rental, listing or business?

This is dependent upon a lot of different factors. We will come visit your home, rental, listing or business and provide you a written estimate and recommended cleaning plan at no charge. Or, we can give you a verbal estimate based on square footage, number of rooms and whether or not you have pets.

How often will you come to clean my home, rental, listing or business?

We do anything from one-time cleanings to multiple cleanings per week. There are many factors that impact how often we visit to clean. It depends things like the square footage of your home, rental, listing or business, if you have pets that shed and numerous other factors.

Do I have to be home or at the building when you come to clean?

No. But we will need you to give us access to your home or building in some way, such as a hidden key or a keycode.

Can my pets roam free while you clean?

We love animals and as long as your pets are friendly and won’t harm our staff or our equipment, you can certainly let them have full reign of your home, rental or listing. As well, all of our cleaning solutions are pet friendly and safe.

Are your cleaning solutions safe for my children and pets?

Yes. All the cleaning solutions and supplies we use are safe for your children, pets and your living or working environment. Personal safety of our clients and our staff is one of our top priorities.

What if I forget to leave a key for you?

We recommend that you hide a key somewhere outside your home and let us know where to find it so that you don’t have to remember to leave a key for us. If you don’t want to do that and instead would like to leave us a key on the day we clean and you forget to do so, then we will have to bill you for our minimum charge and reschedule your cleaning for another time.

How soon can you come and clean?

This depends on our scheduled workload. If you need us to come ASAP we do offer expedited service for an additional fee.

Do you do Water Damage Cleanup or Mold Remediation?

No. These types of cleanup require specialized training and licensing and we do not offer these services.

Happy Customers

“I highly recommend Suzanne & a Real Clean for cleaning your home! She is honest, professional, and personable. She stays focused and does a thorough job. I will use her again for sure!”

– Claudia G

I’m so glad I got in touch with Real clean.  Needed to get my house ready for a party and they were there right on time and very professional. Saved the day so I could concentrate on cooking.  I will use their service again. I would like to give her 6 stars.

– Kathy